What are modular homes made out of

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The materials used when making a structure often dictate how well it will hold up over time as well as in the face of exposure to various elements. Part of why some people steer clear of modular homes is that they believe lesser materials have been used in their production.

Why modular homes are just as sturdy

Many aren’t aware of the simple fact that a modular home will consist of the same materials that would be used in a site-built home. The only difference is that these materials are used away from the site and inside a factory as opposed to the location where the home will stand.

The exact materials used depend more on the type of modular home you are getting rather than the fact that it is a module home. As such, you can expect the exterior of the home to consist of either standard-quality wood, brick or stone, depending on what precisely you were looking to buy.read more here!

The same stands true for site-built homes: their exteriors are built in a variety of materials ranging from wood to brick. The sturdiness of your module home will depend on the material you have chosen for its construction, much like the case is with regular homes.

As is the case with site-built homes, modular homes often feature wooden floors and roofs of different design. The same wood or stone that is used on a site where a home is being built from scratch is the one that will be used in the factory to construct parts of the modular home.

Why people think materials are of a lesser quality

Much of this misconception has to do with the way modular homes are constructed. To people, building a home piece by piece makes it seem much more durable than just putting pieces together. However, because quality materials are used and the process is monitored by engineers, technicians and inspectors, modular homes invariably end up being of the same quality as site-built homes.

In fact, their similarity to regular homes extends to the materials in a way that lets you hand-pick each and every material that will be used in your modular home. Some people feel that all modular homes are built with the same generic materials and that they won’t have any creative freedom, but this is not true – you can instruct the manufacturer on what you want every part of your module home to be made of.

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The beauty of modular homes is that they are held to the same standards of quality as site-built homes and offer a similar level of customization, but are much easier and quicker to assemble.

Whereas you would sometimes have to wait many long months for your home to be constructed, often creating quite the public disturbance in the process, you will be able to enjoy the exterior and interior of your mobile home within one or two weeks, not making you waste any time when trying to get accustomed to your new surroundings.

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