Eco Friendly Homes

With the change in trend in the industry, more and more people are turning to conventional homes since they feel that they are more ecofriendly. That is because of environmental degradation that has been happening in the recent past and global warming. It is about time that we save the environment. There is a rise of log homes and timber frame homes.

As compared to a log home which is mainly made with just wood, a timber frame home incorporates contemporary design with wood giving your home a conventional home with a modern effect. From its name, a timber frame home comprises of horizontal timber beams and vertical timber posts. With a timber frame house, the frame has to be squared while the post and beam are round. The interiors have more of a modern effect while the exterior exhibit a traditional feel. Some of the reasons you should consider doing a timber frame home includes:

Eco Friendly Homes

Eco Friendly Homes


This is the main reason people do timber frame homes. It saves energy and at the same time protects the environment. In as much as it uses trees, it is a renewable resource. During the milling process, there is minimum waste and the waste that is generated is used for other purposes. It reduces carbon emission d fuel costs as compared to traditional site building. It also preserves the environment since it minimizes landscape disturbance. As compared to log homes, timber framing uses less wood by approximately 30%.

Energy efficient

With timber frame homes, there is so much flexibility on what can be used to enclose the wood which has made people to opt for strong insulation. Most of the time structural insulated panels (SIPs) and insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are used which are very energy efficient.


Timber frame homes give so much flexibility when it comes to design options. You can achieve whatever design that you want and you are not necessarily restricted to traditional designs.


Heavy timber frames have high durability since they have a higher fire tolerance for the low thermal conductivity they have. When it comes to earthquake prone areas, they have the ability to absorb any impact stirred by seismic conditions. Timber frame homes are also less likely to be affected by hurricanes and tornadoes.

Easy maintenance

Timber frame homes are easy to maintain since there is no settling of the logs. There is also less upkeep required as compared to a traditional log home.

Easy construction

Unlike other kinds of houses, a timber frame home only takes 2-3 months to construct and the reassembly takes up to a week though it depends on the size of the house.

Well there are many options when it comes to choosing an ecofriendly home. It is also important to keep in mind that an ecofriendly home is not all about the building but the habits of the home as well. Renewable products should be used more and disposal of waste done in the right way.

Different Types of Modular Homes to Consider Before You Build

Imagine what it must be like to get your entire home constructed in under a week.  Modular homes are absolutely glorious for exactly this reason.  These are the only types of homes that can be constructed on your property basically overnight because the major design and structure is already in place well before the home is erected on your property.  But what are truly mesmerizing about these homes are their gorgeous designs.  One would think that these takeaway style homes would lack in quality but they are in fact surprisingly strong, modern and cozy.  Modular homes also vary a lot in terms of design and in terms of type.  If you are in need of a home quickly then you can definitely consider the following modular home types:

Different Types of Modular Homes to Consider Before You Build

Timber frame homes

Timber Frame Homes can be constructed two different ways. They can be constructed traditionally on your property or they can be constructed modular style and will then simply be assembled on your property.  These types of homes are some of the most ecofriendly homes that you can consider and they are absolutely glorious since the natural wood boosts a feeling of quality and elegance while the natural wood also improves overall energy efficiency since wood is much warmer.

Pre-fab homes

Pre-fab homes include several types of buildings but are mostly homes that are prefabricated off site and usually include materials like a steel structure and paneling for walls.  These types of homes don’t have the durability of brick and mortar homes but they are a terrific solution for those that need a quick home solution and for those that want a mobile home solution.  Pre-fab homes are available in a great variety of sizes and styles and some of the modern pre-fab homes are absolutely glorious.

Panel built homes

These homes are made of structural insulated panels (SIPs) and are some of the quickest home types to build since the panels are so easy to install.  Building these homes are also often a lot more affordable and require low labor forces since the panels are quite lightweight and easy to install.  The only downside to these types of dwellings is their steel outer finish which might not be appealing to everyone.  The steel finish does however work quite well if you want to incorporate a futuristic vibe in your home.

Upcycled homes

Upcycled homes or recycled homes can differentiate a lot.  This method of home building involves modifying or transforming other objects into homes.  The possibilities are endless for these types of homes although space is usually an issue. Container homes are a huge example of this type of modular home. A container or bunch of containers are cut up, combines, altered, painted and remodeled into a home.  Another commonly used home upcycle involves transforming an old school bus into a mini home.  There are also plenty of people that transform old sheds or barns into gorgeous farm styled homes and some that transform minivans into mobile homes.  The main ingredient for creating an upcycled home is imagination.