Reunion Venues

Reunion has become an everyday affair since we all want to reunite for a catch up and many more. As much as the event planners have a big effect on how the event will turn out, the venue is also a crucial factor that should be given a special consideration. The event venue can either be in a home or in a rented space. This depends on the number of people and the theme of the event. Some of the factors to consider in choosing a rental reunion venue include:

Reunion Venues

Budget: This is a very important factor as there are many venues and they all have different costs. There are some venues that are more expensive than others.  In choosing a venue it is important to go for a venue that can be afforded but at the same time offers the features you are looking for. There are venues that will give you more value for money than others.

Type of event: This has a big influence on the kind of venue that will be chosen. It can either be formal or informal. With the type of the event one can easily come up with the theme of the wedding which will help in deciding the kind of venue that will be suitable. Normally most events have themes and thus the venue should be in line with the theme of the event.

Space specifications: The space that is available should be enough for the number of people who are planning to attend the reunion. The ambience, amenities and technical abilities are important factors to consider. They should all be in line with the event’s theme. In terms of the ambience you look at the décor of the venue, the architecture used, and the kind of lighting in the venue among many other factors.

Services offered: AS much as a venue might be great in appearance, it is also important to put into consideration the kind of services offered in the venue. If you will need the catering services of the venue it is good to know if they even offer catering. There are some venues that have extra packages as incentives; it is good to know your venue of choice if it can do the same.

Availability of the venue: There are some venues that have been booked and are only available at certain times. This is a very important factor to consider in choosing a venue. It is better to have many day time options open because in some instances it may be hard to find a venue that fits in the speculated time

Location and accessibility: This is an important factor to consider. The place of the event should be easily accessible to anyone. It should be in a convenient location. If there are people with disability or people with kids, the venue should be friendly to accommodate them all.

Security: The venue should be secure. If it’s an outdoors event it should be in a location that is secure. It is due to security reasons that some events have a limit on the attendees of the meeting.

Parking: Believe it or not there are some locations which finding parking is a problem and you can’t find parking. The venue you choose should have ample parking space so that the attendees can park their cars well with no much worries on what will happen to their cars.

Customer care: there is nothing as nice as having a support system whenever you need it especially when you are hosting an event. This is why you should bear the customer care factor in mind when you are choosing a venue for a reunion.

AS mentioned earlier, reunions can also happen in homes. A modular home can make a good venue for a reunion. A home is best suitable for informal setting or a homely setting. For example the reunion between Stephen Collins and ‘7Th heaven creator can happen in a home. A home is homely with a warmth feeling and would be a good setting for making up or family meetings or cases which you need to catch up without worrying about the time it will take. As much as hosting an even at home it way easier and cheaper, there are also factors that have to be observed to make sure that the events goes on well. They include:

Make sure that the space is big enough: This is determined by the number of guest that is coming. It can happen in the biggest room of the house which is mainly the living room. And if there are even more people it can happen in the backyard.

The décor: The décor is what defines an event to spice it up. As much as in some informal settings most of the time there are no decors involved, having a themed décor will create a lasting impression and make the event feel top notch.

The kind of event that will be hosted: There are many kinds of reunion events that can be hosted. This is mainly determined by the host. The host can then come up with a theme to make it have a personal touch. If kids will be involved in the event, it is also important to come up with events for the kids and a general plan for managing the kids.

The time of the event: There are events that are short others may be long this is an important factor to consider as it can help you in determining the venue. If it will take long or happen at night it will help you in planning the lighting of the event. Lighting is an integral part of a décor and is what makes all the difference in terms of the ambience of the reunion. Ambience sets the mood of the party.


As much as the venue of the party is what makes the party, the attendees are ones who determine how the party turns out especially the host. Success is mainly attributed to proper planning. Planning will bear success. Offering something different than what people expect can make the party memorable. Games and other fun activities will make the party exciting. It’s the role of the host to spice up things.