Best modular homes in Edmonton

modular homes in Edmonton

Edmonton is one out of the many popular modular homes Canada areas. Modular homes have recently seen somewhat of a surge in popularity as the standards and methods of construction become higher, and are only expected to increase in value over time.

Edmonton modular homes manufacturers
There are quite a few companies in the city of Edmonton that produce quality modular homes. Choosing between them is a matter of personal preference and also which company rubs you the right way.

Western Modular Homes is a high quality modular homes Canada company that specializes in the production of aesthetically appealing module homes. It was founded in 1993 by two brothers with experience in construction who believed that modular homes in rural areas were lacking in appeal. Of course, they also specialize in urban modular structures, and their work is guaranteed not only to be pleasant to the eye but also of top-notch quality.

Somewhat older than the aforementioned company, Empire Modular Homes is another top-notch company manufacturing module homes for all of Alberta. Founded in 1982, this company offers a wide variety of pre-existing modular home designs as well as the options to create a fully-customized modular home precisely to your liking.

Having created a variety of stunning and functional modular homes both for residential and recreational use, Jandel Homes is another top modular homes company based in Edmonton. The oldest of the three companies listed, Jandel Homes was established in 1974 and is a highly successful family-owned business, being one of the largest manufacturers of modular homes in Canada. They also deliver to British Columbia and other parts of the country.

Choosing the right company for you

The modular homes Canada manufacturers listed above are definitely among the top in Alberta and perhaps even all of Canada. However, this doesn’t mean that another company won’t end up being more to your liking. Before making any choices, always talk to the company on the phone and assess the quality of their staff and their responsiveness to your wishes.learn more details from

If you are showing enough interest, the company will send their housing consultant to you. This person will go over your plans and desires with you and help you translate them into reality. This is yet another step during which you can further assess whether you want to be in business with the company in question. Also, make sure to ask each company about their pricing early on so that you can adequately compare between each of them and find the best ratio of quality and affordability.

modular homes in Edmonton

Another important step when choosing your company is getting familiarized with their previous work. While a company might have kind and attentive staff, this alone isn’t indicative of how well their structures will end up looking. For best results, always look to find as many reviews of the structures produced by the modular homes Canada company that caught your eye – it’s likely that a company with a history of making great modular homes will make yours such, as well.