Health and the Modular Home

Modular homes are a great alternative to mobile homes and new construction. They are often considerably less expensive and are anchored on a slab making them more durable than their mobile home counterparts. However, it is imperative that you ensure your modular home is a healthy choice too.

When it comes to making good healthy choices and keeping abreast of medical concerns and breakthroughs, Dove Press is your go to. But, when you are trying to determine what areas of modular home construction require your most attention, this is the article you want to read.

Health and the Modular Home

Potential Hazards

We all want to save money but doing so at the risk of our long term health is certainly not advisable. That is why it is important to investigate the materials being utilized in the construction of your modular home. There are other design issues that are pertinent to consider as well. So, since you are in the market for a modular home, please take these possibilities under advisement:

  • Mold- This is a huge concern in any home. However, modular homes that utilize carpet in wet areas are problematic. The carpet and its pad are marvelous little mold incubators. Make sure you’ve got tile and lots of ventilation. Which brings us to the next issue.
  • Air-flow- Make sure your modular home has source-control measures to eliminate any air pollutants that might have infiltrated your domain. Poor air quality can have drastic effects on health: learn more.
  • Chemical Issues- Carbon monoxide can build up in modular homes due to the ventilation issues mentioned previously. It’s always a good idea to install carbon monoxide alarms to alert you of any increase in their levels. Additionally, some manufacturers choose to use building materials that incorporate formaldehyde, ask questions before you buy, and it’s probably best that you get the answers in writing.

Green Modular Homes

There’s a company based out of California, Living Homes, who claims to provide an answer to modular home health concerns. They claim to build homes that are “virtually free of indoor air pollution.” The method they use is designed to eliminate VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are the culprits behind indoor air pollution.

When you visit their site, here, you will learn all about their VOC-free paints and stains. You will also find out about their radiant heating systems, exhaust systems, built in gardens, and permanent walk off mats. Their goal is to drastically reduce the amount of air pollution hanging around inside your home. Since they say we spend 65% of our time at home, it makes sense that they want to make homes that are safe and healthy for their customers.

Research is Key

Buying a home is a serious financial step and as with every wise investment, research is key. Sometimes saving a little money isn’t the best option if the ramifications for that savings are detrimental to your health. Not all modular home manufacturers are created equal. Some will be willing to cut corners that will ultimately cost you your physical well-being.

Make sure that you are completely informed when it comes to the products they utilize and the structural design of your new home to be. A little bit of effort will be worth a lot of reduced medical bills for sure!

Installing the Water Softener System at Your Modular Home

You have decided to live in a modular home as opposed to a regular home and you are loving it a lot. You were able to move to your new modular home in a matter of weeks and it was built well even when the weather was not so good in some days. You have done a lot of researching before you were able to choose which modular home you are going to buy and now that you have it, you do not have any regrets.

Your main goal now is to make sure that you will improve your modular home to the best of your abilities. How do you think will you be able to do that? Aside from focusing on some of the items that you can use in order to decorate your home, you can also focus on your water system. Perhaps hard water comes out of your faucet and you are finding it hard to do normal chores. You may also be feeling uncomfortable because you do not feel as clean as you should be as you may have soap and skin residue on your skin.

Installing the Water Softener System at Your Modular Home

The main reason why water becomes hard is because it contains a lot of minerals. Through a water softener system, those minerals can be removed so that you will have water that you can use easily for bathing and for doing different chores around your home. Some of the benefits of having soft water are the following:

  • You can wash your clothes with no issues. With hard water, you know that you will leave behind some detergent residues on your washing machine and you need to clean it up so that your washing machine will remain clean. Your clothes will also not be cleaned as thoroughly as you like. With soft water, you can have clean clothes every time.
  • You can also wash dishes easier since you will be able to clean the food residue left behind even on glass plates. Soft water can also be used by dishwasher so that you can clean various dishes all at once.
  • The minerals that are usually found in hard water may clog your plumbing pipes and will require you to spend on the maintenance of your pipes more than usual. With the use of soft water, you do not have to worry about this at all.

Now that you already know some of the benefits that you can get with soft water, you may also check water softener reviews so that you can pick the best water softener for you and your modular home. The installation of your water softener will depend on the type that you will purchase. They usually come with instructions that you can follow easily. If in case you are having trouble with installing the system, you can hire a professional to install the water softener instead. Professionals may know more about the plumbing codes in your area and will guarantee that no mistakes will be done.

How You Can Choose the Right Gate for Your Modular Home

There may be different reasons why you would like to have the right game for your home. For instance, you may want to make sure that you will make your home more secure in general. There is also a possibility that you have seen your neighbor’s yards and you would like to make your home look similar. You have to remember that choosing the right gate can be easy as long as you would know what you want.

How You Can Choose the Right Gate for Your Modular Home

Do you think that you still need more tips on how you can choose the right gate for your home properly? Here are just some of the things that you ought to consider:

  1. Think about how you think your gate will open.

You may want the gate to open inwards so that you can easily open it manually or you may also want to let it open outward although this is more recommended if you still have enough space with your sidewalk. There are also some gates that you can just push towards the side. The things that you are going to pick out will be up to you. Get to know more details here.

  1. Think about the style that you would want.

The style that you are going to pick out will highly depend on the style of your home and of course your preference. As much as possible, you would like to make sure that you will have a great style that can coincide with your home otherwise, it will not look good at all.

Do remember that depending on your neighborhood, there may be some restrictions regarding the designs that you would pick out. As much as possible, you would want to follow the restrictions well before you make the changes with your gate.

  1. Pick the right color of your gate.

Aside from the style, the color that you are going to pick out will also make a huge difference with how your gate is going to look like. The color of your gate may be the first thing that people will notice about your gate. After they take a look at your gate, this is the only time when they will begin to notice the style of your gate.

  1. Durability

You would have to make sure that you will make the gate durable. Can you imagine if the gate that you will pick out will suddenly break down while you are using it? You have to make sure that the gate that you will pick will be durable enough to withstand for a long period of time. Only pick good quality gate and one essential thing that you must remember is how good your gate installation, you can hire professional to doing that. Since no matter how great looking your gate is, if it would not last long, you will not be able to utilize it.

  1. Price

Depending on all the factors that are mentioned above, there is a big chance that the price of your gate will be different depending on the things that you have chosen. The moment that you have chosen the right gate for you, you can already make a choice.

With all of these details in mind, choosing the right gate for your modular home will be easier to do.

What are modular homes

What are modular homes

Modular homes have somewhat of a bad rep, and having modular homes for sale isn’t considered to be as lucrative as having site-built real estate. However, many people fail to realize the advancements that modular building technology has seen in recent times.

Difference between modular and regular homes

We all know how regular homes are built: a crew of construction workers establishes a perimeter on a build-ready site where they will sometimes spend months until the home is complete. This method is time-consuming and expensive, but has also generally yielded sturdy and desirable homes.

However, building modular homes is done using a somewhat different approach. As opposed to a crew of construction workers following a blueprint on a site for one or several months, one could say that the majority of modular home construction is done in a factory. There is where the engineers create the vision of what the modular home will be like before its parts are constructed inside a factory setting.

Once this part is done, it’s often just a simple matter of assembling the modular home at the site where it’s meant to be erect. Unfortunately, this method lowers the price of many modular homes for sale over their counterparts built the old-fashioned way.

Why some people dislike modular homes

The reason why some – one could say many – people stay away from modular homes is somewhat obvious: they just don’t seem as durable as regular ones. There is something about the whole process of simply ‘gluing’ parts of a home together that makes the building in question seem like it is of a far lesser quality.

It’s this popular misconceptions that significantly reduces the market price of modular homes for sale. Those purchasing a home are usually looking to make a long-term investment, potentially one that will last for generations and even increase in value, and they rarely feel that modular homes are up to the same standards of quality as regular structures.

These people rarely take their time to study the specifics regarding modular construction, as much of the market status that modular structures have is in place due to lack of knowledge. In truth, modular homes can be every bit as durable and shelter-providing as regular ones, given the right company is assigned construction.learn more info from

Furthermore, the materials used are also the very same used to construct regular homes – the construction is just done elsewhere. Among the many perks that modular technology offers – and one of the reasons why some people stay away from it – is the speed of construction on-site: whereas regular homes can take months to build, a modular home can be finished inside a week.

What are modular homes

If people dropped their superstitions and took the time to inform themselves on how exactly modular homes are built, these types of homes could definitely be accepted as one of the construction standards. As it is now, modular homes for sale mainly serve as a cheaper alternative to regular homes for those savvy enough to understand that there is little difference between the two.

Difference between mobile homes and module homes

mobile homes and module homes

A lot of the bad rep that modular homes have comes from people confusing them with mobile homes. The truth is that the two are very much different, both in type of construction and quality of structure, and the difference should be obvious to anyone who knows what to look for.

Why mobile homes have a bad rep

Mobile homes, somewhat reasonably, have a bad rep for being of a subpar quality compared to other types of structures. These structures don’t instill very much faith with their appearance, and this issue isn’t corrected once people learn of the construction methods – in fact, it’s often exacerbated.

Mobile or manufactured homes are also sometimes referred to as trailers, further enforcing their bad reputation. The entire home is assembled on a chassis that acts as its foundation, often made out of steel. Among the reasons why mobile homes don’t enjoy much popularity is the fact that their price is usually significantly lesser compared to that of both regular and modular homes. Part of this is because a building inspector isn’t required by law to check the structure and approve it, as is the case with other types of structures. This often casts doubts about the quality of the structure and makes many unwilling to live inside them. The mobile homes’ status as somewhat mobile units also makes them difficult to refinance.

Why people confuse them with modular homes
It’s not impossible to understand where the confusion comes from: the construction of both homes involves bringing parts from a factory and assembling it on-site. To many, this process appears ‘cheap’ and inferior to the standard methods of building a home. There are, however, notable differences in the construction and quality of these homes that make modular homes come far ahead.

Modular homes won’t have an ‘expiration date’, unlike manufactured homes, in that they won’t lose value over time, provided they are built well. Also, unlike with mobile homes, building inspectors are tasked with making sure that the modular home is being built in accordance with regulations, and also that the end result is up to standard. A modular home conforms to the exact same regulations that regular, site-built homes have, meaning it needs to be every bit as well-built.

On the other hand, a manufactured home has a different set of regulations that aren’t the same as those of site-built homes. This, coupled with a lack of law that forces building inspectors to check the quality of mobile homes, gives modular homes a bad name purely by virtue of the assembling process being similar.see it from the site:

mobile homes and module homes

You should easily be able to tell a mobile home from a modular one because manufactured homes have metal tags marking each of their sections. In the absence of these, a mobile home will also have a plate somewhere on the inside that will provide various information, including the manufacture date – that is, provided you weren’t already able to tell it’s a mobile home due to its notably lower price.visit this link here!