SMSF Investments in Modular Homes

For those seeking for more control over their superannuation funds, SMSF is the solution for them, as it allows one to invest their funds however they wish to, and this ensures that they have enough funds saved up for their retirement. Not only will this ensure a safe and secure future for them in the future, but this also gives them the freedom over their funds just as they wished for it. And since they can invest wherever they wish to, they can choose to spend their self-managed superannuation funds on modular homes, which are currently a popular choice for investment.

Modular homes vs. regular homes

Unlike a regular home, which is built by a group of construction workers who spend weeks and months toiling over a blueprint until the house is complete, a modular home is built at a factory, or rather, the majority of its construction is completed at the factory. The only real task that is completed on site in case of a modular home, is the assembly.

Many people consider modular homes to be weak in comparison to regular homes, which are built to be sturdy, despite the fact that they are time consuming to make. It is because of this misconception that many people decide not to buy modular homes, which is what causes its price to go down. This is exactly the opportunity that you as an SMSF holder should take advantage of. There are vast opportunities in this field, and since it is still fairly new, you should take advantage of it.

SMSF Investments

Why you should invest in modular homes

Not only would investing in these homes be quick, but they would also bring in quick profits. These homes can take as less as a month to be fully built, and since the construction costs are much more affordable than the costs of a regular home, you can easily increase the price of your house to cost much more than it cost you to build it. As you can see, investing your SMSF in this will be quite profitable for you in the long run, as it is sure to bring in a lot of profits over time.

In addition to the house, the location also matters. Ensure that it is built in a desirable location, and that would easily increase the prices a lot more. You can either choose to rent it or sell it off. No matter what you choose, though, you will be sure to make a profit, as modular homes, just like regular houses, tend to increase in value over time. It is a common myth that their prices depreciate over time, because they’re no different than regular homes.

The most important thing is the maintenance and the location of the houses, which, just like regular homes, will affect the price of the modular home. Modular homes are smart investments, and they are also considered to be an investor’s dream come true. For more information on why you should invest in modular homes, visit