Inevitable Expeses in The Home

There are household expenditures that are inevitable in any home. As much as buying a home or paying rent is the biggest expenditure, there are many others that cannot be avoided. Due to the high cost of living and the high expenditures households experience every day, knowing the inevitable ones will help you in prioritizing the expenditures. Making a priority of expenses is needed in the creation of a budget which is needed for financial efficiency in the home. If you cannot know the high priority expenditures, it can create a problem when it comes to budgeting which may as a result lead to high expenditures. Having a home is the most important thing, having furniture and all assets in the home are what make a home.  There are however many more expenditure that are inevitable and they include:

Inevitable Expeses in The Home


This is a basic need and it is something we cannot live without.  We may avoid many other expenditure s in the home but we cannot avoid buying food as we have to eat to live. As much as the cost is inevitable, we can still reduce the costs and this depends on the budget and lifestyle.  Different foods have different costs and they all have different effects on the body. So the cost spent on food is all dependent on a household and a household has the power to increase it or reduce it. All the same, eating at home is always a cheaper alternative to eating out since restaurants have to make a profit and thus their foods a slightly more expensive.  With eating homemade food one is sure they are eating fresh food which is prepared in the right way. Eating junk food has many adverse health effects thus homemade food is always the best option.


This is also a cost that is inevitable. We all cannot survive without water. It is said that mankind can survive without food but not without water. Luckily because of this reason, many types of council have a water system to make sure that every household has access to water. This cost can however be reduced by avoiding water wastage. Bottled water can be purchased in large quantities to reduce the cost and also to make it environmental friendly. Purchasing small bottled water means more bottles which is not good for the environment.


This is a cost that is now a basic cost that cannot be avoided. No one likes dealing with emergencies and accidents, that’s why insurance policies are there. Insurance companies not only help in emergencies and accidents but they all help one in planning and saving to achieve their financial goals. As much as car insuarance, health insurance education cover are the most common policies, there are many other policies. Some of them include: life cover, employment cover, assets cover and retirement package among many others. Different insurance companies have different policies which all come in different packages. It is thus important to source for different companies then doing comparisons so as to make sure that you get the best deal. There are companies that only specialize in one policy while there are others that have many policies at the same time. Different companies have different names for their packages and thus it is important to have a deeper understanding of a company and the packages that they have to make sure that you get the best deal. If you live in Memphis, Tennessee, there are many insurance companies with different packages. If you need car insurance, see this page for a deeper insight on car insurance policy.


In every home we have to consume energy in a way or the other. In most homes the type of energy used is electricity. We all need electricity for efficiency in the home. There are many other alternative sources of energy that can be used such as solar though it’s not as common as many people still believe in electricity. As much as this is a cost that is inevitable, there are ways that one can do to reduce the bills in the home. Unplugging what is not used is one of the sure ways of reducing the electricity bill as when something is plugged in it continues to use energy and this will lead to rise on the amount of bills. Using only what is necessary and switching off the lights when not in use is also a way of reducing the electricity bills. Paying the bills on time is also a way of reducing the bills as paying past the overdue date comes with penalty charges which will sky rocket the bills. Using solar or a form of renewable energy in general will help in reducing the costs.

Cooking energy is also an expense that cannot be avoided as well all have to cook at some point. AS much as many households prefer using gas, there are many other alternative sources of cooking energy that can be used in a home. It all depends on one’s preference. Cooking energy costs can be reduced by cooking food in large quantities then freezing the remainder for later use.


This is one of the basic needs since we can’t walk naked neither can we wear the same clothes all year long. AS much as it’s a cost that cannot be avoided, the household has power to control what is spending on clothing. For example some brands are more expensive than others. One also needs different kinds of clothing for the different seasons. Good thing with clothing you will get something in your budget range. You can reduce your cost by going for cheaper brands or going to vintage stores and other second hand stores. You can also make your own clothing.

Phone Bills

This is an expenditure that is in every household as everyone is obliged to have a phone. With phones there are many providers the common ones being AT&T and Verizon among many others and they all have a prepaid and postpaid package. It is normally advisable that heavy users go for post pay and light users go for pre-paid. They all have different terms and conditions that should be understood well. Prepaid users have to recharge before using the phone and they also don’t enjoy the benefit of phones being replaced especially for the case of IPhone users.

Internet connection

With the changing trends, this is now a basic need that every household needs to have. There are many internet service providers that offer different packages which come with different connection speeds. This actually depends on what you use the internet for; if you are a heavy user and are more like your job depends on it then you will have to go for fast speed internet which is normally more expensive. For normal households they will just require the basic cover which will keep them covered. There is a prepaid package and a postpaid package. You can control your prepaid package by turning off your connection when not in use to save on the internet bills.

Maintenance charges

In many homes maintance is a must to avoid the home from being run down. Every once in a while you will have to do repairs in the home or replacements. This will all involve a cost and in some cases a labor cost as well as you might want an expert to work on the repairs. This is however a cost that can be reduced by being more careful and doing repairs as soon as possible. Being equipped with skills will also be of great help as instead of hiring an expert to do the repairs you can do it yourself.


A home is where we all want to feel cozy and comfortable thus it should be furnished well for more comfort. Most rental units come furnished with furniture but for the case of buying a home you will have to buy the furniture yourself. Again this all depends on one’s taste and preferences.

Waste management

As long as every home consumes means that it will have to produce wastes and this means that the waste has to be managed both for health reasons and environment reasons. Waste can be managed at home by reducing consumption of what is not needed and re using what can be reused to avoid wastage. Some goods can also be recycled for maximum utility. There are many companies that deal with waste management and provide skip bins that can help in managing the waste.


A good home is a well maintained home. For proper maintenance costs have to be incurred thus the many inevitable expenses.  As much as they are costs that cannot be avoided they can be reduced to fit the budget of the household. There might be many other costs that may not be listed but are considered unavoidable it depends on the household. Here we only covered the basic expenses others are more or less luxury expenses.