Cat Essentials That Will Prevent Your Cat from Acting Out In the House

Cats are terrific home companions but they can also cause a lot of devastation in and around your home.  Cat’s that don’t have enough distraction, that aren’t fed the right foods and that don’t have the right essentials can act out in many ways.  They can cause a lot of terrible damage to your modular home which can be costly to repair or replace.  Some of the most common home problems that cat owners endure include scratched up furniture and curtains, ruined carpets or wood flooring when cats mark their territory or don’t have kitty litter and even terrible food disasters when your cat learns to open the fridge – yes, a lot of cats are smart enough to open your fridge.  But the right essentials will ensure that both pet and owner are as happy as can be in your home. Here is a quick look at some cat essentials that will prevent bad behavior from forming in your cat.

Cat Essentials That Will Prevent Your Cat from Acting Out In the House

Kitty litter

A dedicated potty area in your home will prevent your cat from learning to mark his territory or make a habit out of using fabrics or carpets as a potty area.  Good quality cat litter can last your cat up to six weeks but should be cleaned and maintained regularly.


Hate cat fur on the upholstery? Well, a cozy cat bed can solve this messy little problem, especially if you teach your cat that the sofa is off limits right from the start.

Scratching posts

Cats aren’t naughty when they scratch your furniture.  They actually NEED to scratch their nails against something to prevent nail conditions and to keep their nails short.   A good scratch post will give your cat a way to groom him or herself and will save your furniture and curtains from a lot of distress.

Automatic feeder

An automatic cat feeder is good for quite a few things.  The biggest benefit of these feeders is that your cat is always taken care off even when you aren’t at home.  Other benefit includes reduced begging and mewing because your cat learns not to be dependent of you for food and only gets hungry around feeding times and your home will be much safer because your cat won’t go savaging for food in the kitchen.  On Best Automatic Pet Feeders you can look at the best automatic cat feeders on the market, some of which can be controlled with your smartphone.

Water bowl

You shouldn’t put your cat’s water bowl next to the feeding bowl because cats have a tendency to avoid water when food is close by.  Separating the water and food greatly reduces the chances of kidney failure in cats.

Kitty toys

Kitty toys will keep your cat busy and will help him burn some energy.  Invest in plenty of kitty toys and look for some catnip so your cant will be more likely to enjoy cat toys.

Bell collar

Prevent your cat from hiding nasty rodent organs underneath your bed with a bell collar.  The bell scares away prey so your cat won’t be able to catch them and so your cat can focus on a healthier diet, namely the pet kennel you provide.