How to Spy On Everyone in Your Home

Everyone needs and has a right to a certain amount of privacy but it is your responsibility as a parent and spouse to ensure that your loved ones are protected, even if that means protecting them from themselves.  There are plenty of great techniques and software that you can use to spy on kids, problem teenagers and especially recovering addicts so you can spot and stop problem behaviors and habits before they really sink in.  Knowing what your spouse is up to when he or she mysteriously linger on the internet during the early hours of the morning is also a great way to spot unfaithfulness or problems in your loved one so you can start preparing yourself and those around you for some big changes that are soon to happen.  Here is the top ways to spy on everyone in your home;

How to Spy On Everyone in Your Home

Use cellphone spyware

iPhone and Android devices are fantastic and they make life a lot simpler.  But these devices can also be dangerous if your child is viewing the wrong type of content or speaking to the wrong type of people.  Different spyware has different functions but overall the spyware is used to get access to any content your child or spouse view on the mobile device, allows you to view conversations on various apps and gives you access to emails and more.  Some spyware even sends a message to your phone if children exceed a certain speed limit while driving with someone else and enable you to track the location of your child.  Visit to read about all the top spyware apps.

Get a smart router

Smart routers like the Luma can be used to spy on family members because this router allows you to see all the webpages that everyone connected on the home Wi-Fi is viewing.  While you don’t have access to conversations and all content viewed, you still get useful information on what everyone in the house is up to.

Learn the difference between stress, puberty and dangerous habits

Being a good spy is all about knowing what to look for.  If you don’t know what the warning signs of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, smoking, bullying or peer pressure is then you can easily mistake these warning signs for stress or puberty.  Failing to pick up on these warning signs can be terribly dangerous because your child or loved one can easily become addicted or even try to commit suicide before you truly notice a big problem.  It is important for parents and partners to learn all about warning signs so you can provide help before things get too bad.

It’s ok to do investigation every now and then

Everyone likes their privacy but sometimes checking through someone’s room or casual areas can give you valuable information on problem behaviors, and yes, it is perfectly ok for parents and partners to do a bit of investigation every now and then because it is not just your loved ones that can get hurt. Problem behaviors like drug or alcohol abuse or the wrong type of friends can hurt everyone in y our home so go ahead and look for excuses to enter your child’s room or your spouse’s private study and just check things out a bit.

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