Why Location is Very Important in Choosing A Home

We all want a good home and one of the critical factors that make a good home is the location.  As much as different people have different definitions of a good location, the factors to consider are relatively the same. When the location is right, your home will be place you will be looking forward to go every day. Some of the factors that you need to consider in choosing a good home location include:


This is the most important factor in choosing a location. We all want somewhere we will feel safe and don’t have to worry about insecurity. Regardless of the lifestyle, we want a place we can move around comfortably and with little or no crime. Different places have different security plans though some places are naturally secure. It is therefore important to find out about the security of a location before considering moving into it.

Why Location is Very Important in Choosing A Home

Good schools

If you have kids or you are considering having kids in future it is good to be in a good school district. As much as home schooling is on the rise, many parents still prefer the old school way of taking a kid to school. We don’t want a location where we will be traveling many miles to take our kids to schools and that is why you have to choose a location that has god schools to make sure that your child gets quality education without much inconvenience.

Proximity to social amenities

A location that has social amenities near is better, no one wants a location that is far from everything and you cannot have access to a shop, a restaurant, a hospital among many other social amenities.

Access to public transport

Regardless of whether you are driving or not you should go for a location that is close to a public transit. Who knows one day your car may break down and you may need to use public transport. It should be easy to access bus or the subway in a short time. Living in a remote location will cause a lot of inconveniences.

Water access

A location with easy water access is way better and that is why people will pay extra bucks to be near a water source or somewhere they can have a paranomic view.


Generally good or bad location is relative and it depends with an individual. There are those who will prioritize living in the middle of everything while there are those who prefer living far from everything, it just depends.  One of the major factors that contribute to a good location is the city council of the place. The city council of a place is normally influence by its leaders. Thanks goodness there are some non-profit organizations such as Philadelphia 3.0 that will make sure you have the right city council leaders for the wellness of the area.  They understand the importance of good leadership and that is why they took the matters in to their hands.

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