Buying a pre-fabricated home is a critical decision. You would like it to turn out the same as you have envisaged. Since it is a substantial amount of money you are going to invest, you need to make sure that you are paying for a quality mobile house. The house might look perfect in the appearance but some things start popping up afterward. You can avoid future problems by asking a few questions. Read on to get to know about these questions:

Is the home stable?

The home should sit properly on the ground. Unstable homes lead to other problems as well such as leaks and squeaks. The best way is to have an inspector look out for this. He makes sure after checking if the foundation is perfectly installed.

If the house is old, the foundation might have to be repaired. You need someone to have this job done if you are the one bearing repair expenses. Kansas City Foundation Repair provides all the solutions regarding foundation, pushed-in walls, crack repair, and waterproofing. 30 years of experience in the field makes them masters. The areas where they provide their services include Kanas City metropolitan area and throughout Midwest. They would do the job up to the mark as they already have happy and satisfied customers. Contact them if you identify any cracks, gaps between walls, or any other structural problem. A consultant will visit to determine the problem. He guides you through necessary courses of action.


They also offer a free guide on their website. Their consultation service is also free, you can call them with the question you have regarding foundation repair, concrete leveling, and waterproofing system. Do not compromise on the quality of work. Consider your foundation problem solved because Kanas City foundation repair is the best in town.

Is it in good condition?

If the mobile home you are buying is new, it is likely to be in perfect condition. Conversely, if the house is previously used, it is wise to put it under inspection. Make a checklist so that nothing goes overlooked. Look for the rusted areas, fungus, and the insulation. Sometimes floor is rotten but it doesn’t appear to be. Do not settle on the squishy floor. If the floor is covered with carpets, check underneath the carpet. The house shouldn’t have been made with compound boards. Protective skirting is essential and your house should have it. Check for the walls and ceilings, they should be intact.

What is the amp capacity?

How would you feel if you come to know that you cannot connect all your electrical appliances because of low amp capacity in your new house? You might freak out at the moment. Thus, check it beforehand. Older mobile homes usually have lesser amp capacity than new homes i.e. 50-60 amps. If the house has aluminum wiring, it is a sign of the outdated house. Ask the owner to rewire it to avoid fire hazards. It would also be good for home appliances.

Are plumbing and piping in place?

You would have to bear really expensive repairs if plumbing and piping of the house are not in place. Make sure the condition of heating and waste system and piping insulation is good because it stops freezing. Do not forget to look for adequate venting.

Can you get the title certificate?

Getting the title certificate completes the transaction. This certificate is proof of ownership and it is required for mobile homes same as it is for any other assets.

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