Roof Transformations That Will Improve Your Modular Home’s Look

It is important to try to upgrade your home regularly.  With regular home upgrades you can greatly improve your home’s look, your property value and you can enjoy your home so much more.  If you are looking for some way to make your home look stylish and trendy then you can definitely consider transforming your roof because a modern roof is one of the best ways to get a much better overall look for your home.

Always use a professional roof expert

You should always use a professional roofing expert for any roof transformations or alterations that you may have.  Giving DIY roof transformations a shot can be devastating if your home’s structure gets damaged in the process.  Kennedy Roofs is one of the best roofing companies that you can consider for both home and DFW Commercial Roofing.  They can do any type of roofing modification imaginable and all of their work has guaranteed brilliant results.

Roof Transformations That Will Improve Your Modular Home’s Look

Waterproofing is essential for modular homes

Modular homes are a lot more vulnerable to nature’s elements such as rain, snow and wind.  It is essential to waterproof the roof of a modular home properly especially if you have a prefab or wooden modular home.

Install gutters for a finished look

Gutters can give your home a great and finished off look.  Gutter installation is relatively cheap and is probably one of the most affordable roofing upgrades that you can make to greatly improve your home’s overall appeal.

Skylights are highly popular right now

Skylights are one of the trendiest roofing improvements that you can make right now.  Skylights bring a lot of natural sunlight into a home which is great for improving general home health and for reducing the electricity bill.  A skylight also adds a lot of height to a home which makes rooms look a lot bigger and brighter.

A fresh coat of paint can be great

Even a fresh coat of roof paint can do wonders for your home.  UV paint is one of the best types of roof paint to consider if you live in a warm area because this type of paint reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them which results in a much cooler overall home temperature.  This also greatly reduced a home’s electric bill during summer since air conditioners and fans are used less frequently.

Consider replacing your entire roof

An entire roof replacement can also be great for improving your modular home’s general look.  Modular homes require light types of roofing material.  Asphalt Shingles, Aluminum and TPO are some of the most commonly used roofing options but the all new lightweight roof tiles are made of recycled materials.  This roof type is perfect for modular homes because it has the same gorgeous curved tile look but is incredibly lightweight and environment friendly since these tiles are made of recycled materials.  Lightweight roof tiles come in various different shapes, colors and you can even invest in clear roof tiles to replace the need for a skylight.

Boost Your Modular Home’s Market Value with These Top Improvements

Constructing a modular home has many terrific benefits such as a beautiful home much quicker, a place to live at a much more affordable rate and improved flexibility regarding alterations to your beautiful home.  The only downside to a modular home is that these homes have a much lower market value than brick homes because modular homes are slightly more vulnerable to natural disasters and can be a bit more labor intensive when it comes to general maintenance.  But your modular home doesn’t have to stand back to brick homes at all because you can increase your market value a lot by simply adding the right home improvements to your beautiful modular home.  Here are the top improvements you should consider for a boosted market value and for a more enjoyable stay.

Boost Your Modular Home’s Market Value with These Top Improvements

Add a pool to your yard

A swimming pool is one of the best home improvements you can consider to boost your property value and to improve your home’s general appeal and functionality.  Swimming pools are terrific for working out, swimming has many therapy benefits and swimming pools are great fun of course.  You definitely won’t be making a mistake when you consider this type of home improvement.

Custom pools are best – A custom built pool is the best type of pool to consider for your home.  Customized pools can be constructed according to your specific needs.  You can get a builder to construct your pool in any shape, size and with any added features such as lighting or even a hot tub section.  You can also create a pool that suits your home and garden’s design or get a therapy pool for people with special needs. You can check out because Vazquez Pools is a terrific pool constructing company that is known for their exceptional customized pool designs.

Maximize market value with a pool enclosure – Pool enclosures are a great way to boost your market value.  Pool enclosures are the ultimate way to keep children out of the pool and to keep your pool completely clean.  You also get much more out of your pool because the enclosure enables you to swim all year round since you and your family is protected against wind and cold.

Add a deck to your home

A deck is a terrific improvement for any home.  With a beautiful wooden deck in the back yard you always have a place to sit down, relax and enjoy your garden during a barbecue.  Decks also greatly improve the general look of your home or pool site and are a great way to boost your market value.

A beautiful garden is a must

A beautiful garden is one of the best ways to improve the general appeal of your home and can boost your property value a lot, especially if you call in the assistance of a landscaper to help you redesign your yard’s overall look.

Modernize your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home and definitely should require the most focus. If you want to boost your property value then you can definitely look into upgrading your kitchen for a more modern and stylish look.