Why You Need to Be a CPA to Buy or Manufacture a Modular Home

Modular homes are gaining popularity nowadays and offer nothing less than a traditional house; if not more! They are extremely affordable and quick to manufacture. It can cost as much as 30% less than building a traditional house and are more flexible in their design. They can be extremely environmentally friendly since there is less waste in a factory setting. Moreover, they are mostly manufactured using recycled material and if you decide to move, you take it with you instead of building a new one! They are extremely durable too, since in the factory, they were made in a controlled environment that neutralize the effects of sun damage, dust, rust, mildew, mold; you name it!

Modular homes aren’t small either! They can incorporate a beautiful garden, a front patio or lawn, a giant two door garage, a backyard, a huge bathroom and as many bedrooms as you want! We have come to a point in time when we can custom made our house to our specifications! However, there are a few pitfalls you should absolutely avoid at all costs!

Why You Need to Be a CPA to Buy or Manufacture a Modular Home

Why being a CPA will prevent being scammed

  1. Overpricing your home: Builders, brokers or agents; no matter who they are, everyone wants to make a profit. The best way to do so is to overprice your modular home when it’s worth much less. In this case a good certified public accountant (CPA) will be able to tell you if you are cheated out of your money. If you are on the selling end or you just want to build your own home, it is absolutely imperative to consult a CPA so you don’t underprice or overprice your house.
  2. Forgetting about taxes: There is no alternative to paying your taxes. It gets even harder when a significant percentage is cut from your loan which you needed to pay for your dream home. This tax amount must be included in the price tag of your home. It is not just a simple addition but requires accounting skills so you get it right!
  3. Having no plan: You need to have a financial plan so you don’t go over budget. In order to make a thorough financial plan that doesn’t have any hidden pitfalls and one that involves a good backup plan, requires an accountant. There isn’t an alternative to a CPA.

Hiring a CPA can be very expensive since they are highly elite professionals. So why not be one yourself? It is not a degree that requires a 4 year college education or a 2 years Master’s. In fact, you can find the best CPA review course online! It is not even as expensive as a university degree!

With a CPA license you will be able to build your home the way you want to. You’ll be able stretch a small amount of loan to make big improvements to your house! Being a CPA is absolutely crucial for any business; even modular homes! Furthermore, CPAs are extremely rare and highly demanded in any industry. That is why their salaries can easily range between $80,000 and $110,000! You can check out more benefits in this link https://www.nasba.org/licensure/gettingacpalicense/whygetlicensed/five-popular-reasons-for-earning-a-cpa-license/

So consider the benefits of a CPA license before building your next Modular home.

Useful ways in which you can decrease your heating bill

When winter approaches, the central heating gets used more and more. You want to keep warm, as well as ensuring that your house is at a satisfactory temperature, the last thing you want to happen is to have your pipes freeze. However, the increased use of the heating leads to a spike in your energy bill. This can mount up quiet quickly and will be a significant expense.

Many households are throwing a lot of money towards heating bills, when with a few easy steps; they could be saving substantial amounts of this money. The key is to decrease any inefficiencies your house or the residents of the house have.

Here is some advice that will help you to significantly reduce your energy bill by putting proper heating measures in place.

Useful ways in which you can decrease your heating bill

Have proper insulation

During the construction process, it is vitally important that sufficient insulation is installed. However, many people overlook this, and use this area of the construction to cut costs. This will lead to large amounts of heat being lost through the ceiling and the walls. Your attic, pipes and walls should be insulated in order to keep the heat in the room or house.

If you do not have sufficient installation, you should contact a professional to get some installed. There are even simple measures that you can take, such as padding your heating pipes and adding insulation to the attic.

Only use heating in the rooms that you are using

Most people simply turn on the heating and let it go, heating up the entire house. However, there is no reason that you should be heating up rooms that you rarely use. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can turn down heating in certain areas.

Alternatively, you can simply turn off the radiators in the rooms that you are not using. Perhaps one of the best options to use when you are looking to drastically decrease your energy costs is to invest in a specialised heater. Using a product such as the Mr. Heater Big Buddy, is a great way to stay warm when you have your central heating turned off.

When you are sleeping, you do not need to be as warm, so you can turn down the heating by a few degrees, or set it on a timer.

Alternate your hot water settings

There is no need to have your water heated all day round. You should change the water heater to only turn on at the times when you need hot water, such as in the morning and evening when people are showering and cooking.

For other parts of the day, it can be turned down or completely off in order to save you wasting energy. Even simply turned down the temperature of the heater by a few degrees can make a significant difference in your heating bill.

Make sure that you have insulation jackets for your water heater and related pipes, as this will prevent heat loss.