Making Wise Financial Decisions in Life

There are times when we tend to wonder, “Am I doing the right thing?” This question usually comes up when making big financial decisions, as they can either make or break your future, and you would not want to invest in something that would be a lost cause. These financial decisions can be anything starting from buying a new house or investing in education. No matter the choices you make, you will think about it time and again, in order to ensure that you’re not making a decision you will regret. There are some choices, however, that will be profitable, such as buying a modular house and studying in a field of medicine. Hopeful Hospitalist will have a list of healthcare career options that you can search up if you’re interested.

Making Wise Financial Decisions in Life

Buying homes

You might want to consider buying a modular home instead of a traditional home, as it has many advantages that traditional homes don’t. Many fear that modular homes may not be as half as strong as traditional homes are, but that isn’t true. Many people think this way because of the fact that traditional homes are built in the open air, right on top of the property, whereas modular homes are built in controlled environments.

That does not make it inferior to traditional homes in any way. In fact, modular homes are actually better than traditional homes in many ways. For one, they are more affordable, and that is mainly because of the shorter time required to build them. Additionally, they are also energy efficient and that will surely decrease your monthly expenses.

On top of that, they’re environmentally friendly as well, and there are more varieties to modular homes than you thought were possible. And also, if you think that you will not be able to expand your modular home, then you’re wrong. It is no different from a traditional home in this case, and you can always make expansions whenever you want. If you want to learn more about modular homes, click

Working in the healthcare field

The choices of career options that you have in the healthcare field are vast and you don’t necessarily need to be a doctor of some kind to work in it. This is an excellent opportunity for those that want to become doctors but are scared to take the first step. You can work at a lower tier for a while before deciding to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in a field of educations that you’re not even interested in.

Investing a small sum of money in order to test the waters will be a good idea for you to gain field experience and to get an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the field of medicine. There are many things that you can opt to be, such as a Dialysis technician, a Phlebotomy technician, a certified nursing assistant, an ultrasound technician, a Pharmacy technician, a X-ray technician, a medical assistant, a physician’s assistant, and a lot more!

5 Reasons to Go Modular

There are traditional perceptions that modular homes are low quality and not architecturally sound – made with poor materials and designed with only a few functionalities that a family can truly enjoy. In fact, when you say modular, people will often think about “mobile homes”. But those are misconceptions. The truth is modular and mobile homes are not the same. While they are both built in a factory-like setting, modular homes are much more carefully built and they are required to meet home construction standard for them to be assembled and placed permanently in the desired location. The following are some more other advantages of modular homes:

  1. Affordable.

If you’re low on budget, modular homes can be a great alternative as their cost is much cheaper compared to building a traditional home. Depending on the size and features of the house, you can save as much as 10-30 percent of building cost when you choose modular.

  1. Quick construction.

Modular homes are also much quicker to construct than standard homes, since they are built in a controlled environment that is not impacted by bad weather and other factors that may delay the construction. The fast construction not only saves you building cost, but also allows you to move into your new home much faster and enjoy your family bonding sooner while you cook for dinner or watch Dallas Cowboys live stream online.

  1. Design options.

Contrary to popular belief, you have the option to customize your modular home according to your personal taste and preference. You can add porches, garage, beautiful garden, lawn, a second floor, and other functions that you want your home to have. In fact, you can even choose what type of material you want to use for the construction of your modular, such as hardwood floors, brick walls, aluminum ceilings, and granite countertops – it’s your choice.

  1. Durable.

Again, contrary to popular belief, modular homes are built with quality and durability. They are constructed following the standards set by housing authorities, which makes them extremely strong. And since they are assembled in factory settings, where the materials are kept in controlled environment, they eliminate the risk of mold, rust, dust, mildew, and sun damage. Traditional-built homes are often exposed to these kinds of threats.

  1. Environmental-friendly.

Modular homes are also environmental-friendly. They don’t produce much waste as they don’t require a lot of material for them to be constructed. And since they are built in a factory setting, the waste is much more properly handled. Most modular homes are also constructed with reusable materials. This means that in case you decided to move in a different community, you can take your home down and reuse the materials to permanent assemble it in the new site.

5 Reasons to Go Modular

If you’re looking for an alternative yet great home to live in, then a modular home is definitely a perfect choice. Most modular home companies are now using advanced technology in order to make these types of homes more durable, stylish, and cost-effective, and to meet each and every homeowner’s need.

Tax Refunds and Tax Credits on Modular Homes

Buying a new house or a property is expensive, and you want to do as much as you possibly can to ensure that you can scrape up some money to invest in your new home. Even if you decide to buy a modular home, which is cheaper than a normal home, your expenses are still going to skyrocket, but there are ways in which you can reduce those costs, even if it’s a little. You can get both tax credits and tax refund for many aspects of your modular home, so keep reading to find out more.

Tax Refunds and Tax Credits on Modular Homes

Tax refunds

There are many aspects of modular homes that can easily be tax refundable, such as the property taxes, which are entirely tax-deductible. And that’s not all, for those that had to take a mortgage loan in order to build the modular home, they will have to pay the interest per month along with the loan’s principle. Now here’s the fun part, if the total loan equals to less than $1 million, then it is entirely tax deductible.

That has to be one of the best parts about owning a modular home. Additionally, for those that took a mortgage that amounts to over $1 million, then the interest that is to be paid on the first $1 million is the only thing that is deductible. That said, it is still a win-win situation for many, as they’re still able to save quite a lot of money in interest.

On top of that, if you have taken a construction loan for your modular home, you will also be able to refund the interest of that loan, but only if the construction duration is less than 24 months.

Tax Credits

You will be able to get tax credits if you decide to use renewable energy to operate the electricity and water of your new home. If you use solar panels, for instance, as much as 30% of the entire system’s cost can be written off, but that will only happen if the construction of the system reaches completion before the 1st of January, 2017. The same rules apply for the solar water heaters.

However, in order to qualify for the tax credits for solar energy systems, the sun must produce at least half of the energy used at your house. As for residential wind turbines, as long as they produce no more than 100 kilowatts of energy, they can also be written off at 30%. Geothermal heat pumps are no different either, and can get you 30% off for the total installation and system cost. These systems can be quite expensive, which is why this is great. However, you must use a pump that is approved by Energy Star in order to qualify for the tax credit.

You can also get a full 100% written off on your tax credits for moving your furniture a long distance, but your new home needs to be at a distance of at most 50 miles to your work place. For more details on tax refunds and credits, check out